The Greatest Toyota Commercials From 1980 to 2018

Throughout the years, Toyota has brought some of the most memorable car commercials of our time to advertise their lineup of trucks, sedans, and SUVs. From the appearance of fan-favorites like Tarzan and the Muppets to heartwarming spots that brought people together, the range of Toyota’s ads has been wide and far-reaching. Starting in 1982 and rounding out this year, here are some of the best Toyota commercials of the last 4 decades.

1982 – It’s a Jungle Out There 

In 1982, Toyota capitalized on the popularity of Tarzan with this ad featuring the loin-clothed wild man swinging into a Toyota Tercel. After hauling men out of the swamp with his front-wheel drive, an exhausted Tarzan exclaims at the end of the ad, “It’s a jungle out there!”

1984 – Oh, What a Feeling! 

Toyota was really trying to turn the truck world upside down in this ad… literally. Before the Tacoma even existed, the 1984 Toyota 4×4 was debuted with this commercial showing the all-new truck conquering the ruggedness of the desert. The ad ends with the driver of the truck holding his black cowboy hat, leaping in the air, showing just how much he loves his Toyota 4×4.

1993 – I Love What You Do For Me 

In 1993, Martin Sheen was an A-Lister who was, by then, a household name. That’s why his voice, telling the viewer about the J.D. Power and Associates ranking of 8 different Toyota models, really held some power in captivating its audience.

1996 – The New Really Roomy Corolla 

Though this ad borders on strange, viewers couldn’t quite lose the image of a spandex-clad woman leaping through the air next to a Toyota Corolla and a hovering model of the Earth. The commercial then urges viewers to go out and buy a Corolla, asking them to “leap to it.”

2001 – I’m Too Sexy

With updated lyrics, the Right Said Fred song “I’m Too Sexy” is featured in this commercial showing off the new look of the 2001 Toyota Camry. It turns out this new model may be too sexy for the drive-thru.

2003 – Get the Feeling

Portraying every driver’s dream of a completely empty highway in Los Angeles, this commercial left a memorable impression and asked drivers to “Get the Feeling” of a brand new Toyota Camry SE.

2010 – Harmony

Taking a new approach to the classic car commercial, this spot for the Toyota Prius involved hundreds of people gathered together to look like the scenery of a beautiful hillside drive. The sheer amount of coordination and effects is impressive and leaves the viewer with a “how did they do that?” feeling, coupled with the impression that the Prius is a clean and reliable option.

2013 – SOULED

Companies commonly create catchy tunes to market their products, but nothing in the car world worked quite as well as Raphael Saadiq’s 2013 ditty for the Toyota Prius. This short, 30-second song about the Prius has many YouTube commenters asking for a full version, as the soulful beat is quick to make any listener tap their toes.

2014 – The Muppets

In this memorable Big Game ad, the Muppets hijack the commercial and explain all the wacky things that make the Highlander such a great SUV. Complete with a Muppets-style musical number, this ad brought in some great characters to help capture the attention of football fans and children alike.

2018 – “Big Game Ad”

It’s rare that a “Superb Owl” commercial can be equal parts funny, engaging, and uplifting, but in 2018, Toyota created that perfect mix in their ad. Putting forth the idea that “we’re all one team,” this ad shows leaders of all major religions hopping into a Tacoma to make it to the Big Game, and hitting just the right note of equality with viewers.


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