Top Christmas Light Displays in Sedalia

Every holiday season, Sedalia awards $100 to the house that features the best Christmas lights in town. So, we’re on the hunt to find those winners ahead of the 2019 Christmas Light Contest. Come get a piece of this holiday spirit along with us. Take a little Christmas lights tour at these popular areas and Sedalia neighborhoods with holiday decorations.

Christmas Lights in Sedalia

1) 615 West Broadway Blvd

Last year’s Sedalia Christmas Light Contest winners, James and Tiffany Bryant, should begin setting up their Christmas lights and decorations any second now. Drive past their home on West Broadway sometime after Thanksgiving to see what they’re working with (hint: it’s a lot of lights).

2) Country Acres Christmas Lights

Each year, the people in charge of Country Acres Christmas Lights select special holiday songs to go along with their animated light show. Did we say show? We meant shows, plural, as the Knob Noster residents create multiple Christmas light shows to go along with handpicked songs. It’s a really wonderful display that your family will surely love. Visit them at 1290 NE 140 in Knob Noster, MO.

3) 118 East 20th Street

No other home was better decorated for Christmas in 2017 than the Harris residence on East 20th Street—and his $100 prize proved that. Hopefully, the house is still pulling out all the stops at Christmas.

4) 2403 S. Kentucky Avenue

Front Yard Christmas Lights

It’s been three years since the Collins family won first place in the 2016 Sedalia Christmas Light Contest. Their home, if they still decorate, should be decked to the halls with cute holiday lights, inflatable figures, and a tall, decorated Christmas tree.

5) 911 East Broadway Blvd

Sedalia’s 2018 runner-up, the Rickey family, is back with a vengeance this year. The East Broadway home will undoubtedly be lit up like a literal Christmas tree, just to show the judges what for.

6) 1200 South Marvin Avenue

The Cruzan family turned South Marvin into a wintery wonderland in 2017, earning themselves a crisp Ulysses S. Grant ($50 bill) as the second-place winner of the annual contest.

7) 424 S. Grand Avenue

Front Porch Christmas Lights

The gorgeous balcony on this S. Grand home nearly won the 2016 contest for the Stovalls, who should be back at it this year. Check out the home’s elegantly illuminated reindeer display!

8) 2803 Katy Trail Avenue

The 2018 third-place trophy went to the Holloman family on Katy Trail Ave. It’s a great annual sight and should be in the running for No. 1 in a few years.

9) Wolf Christmas Lights

Within the quaint Hunter’s Ridge subdivision in Sedalia, wolves await. But they’re the good type, the type that put remarkable Christmas lights to the tip-top of their three-story home. Definitely take a driving lights tour of these Sedalia holiday decorations.

10) Christmas in the Park

Located in Windsor, MO (Farrington Park), Christmas in the Park is an annual tradition to celebrate the holidays. This year’s Windsor event will run from November 24 to December 28. Be sure to donate and support local organizations.

Tour These and Other Great Holiday Decorations in Sedalia with Our Online Map Tour

View our helpful map for directions to any or all of these Christmas lights and displays near Sedalia.

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