2020 Toyota Corolla: The Evolution of a Bestselling Sedan

Consistently affordable, dependable, and downright sexy, the Toyota Corolla has been one of the world’s most popular cars for the better part of five decades. Since 1966, nearly 45 million Corollas have hit the roads, from the tip of Maine to Sedalia to the southwest corner of San Diego. That’s about 2 million cars for every year the Corolla has been the planet’s bestselling nameplate (1997).

Venerable as it is today, the Toyota Corolla went through several dramatic facelifts before earning the public’s respect. Here’s how we got to the latest, 12th-generation 2020 Corolla, which just happens to be available for sale and lease right now at a Toyota dealership near you. (Buckle up.)

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2020 Toyota Highlander: Release Date & New Features

2020 Highlander

The Highlander, Toyota’s best-selling 3-row SUV, is putting on some slick new threads for 2020, and boy is it looking good. Completely redesigned to close out the model’s third generation, the 2020 Toyota Highlander is sleeker, more powerful, and comes with additional standard features, plus a bevy of all-new ones. Rivals beware—America’s most popular large SUV just got more difficult to topple.

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School Zone Etiquette: 10 Driving Safety Tips For Parents

It’s every commuter’s least favorite time of year: back-to-school season! As the long 9-month sentence for 50-plus million students begins, traffic becomes chaotic, tensions rise, and the buses—oh, the buses!

Sedalia School Driving Safety

Still, safety is paramount even if you’re driving with clenched teeth. Everyone knows to slow down and keep an eye out for wandering kiddos while school is in session, but what else should you do when driving in a school zone? To avoid trouble, follow these 10 driving tips.

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21 Helpful Car-Buying Tips & Expert Advice

If your prehistoric junker has finally driven its last mile, or if you’ve been researching new cars to buy for months on end, a trip to your local auto dealership looms just over the horizon. (Congratulations!)

For lots of shoppers, however, even thinking about purchasing or leasing a vehicle can launch their blood pressure through the roof. The haggling, negotiating, down payments, paperwork… everything about buying a car can be stressful for the average person.

21 Car Buying Tips from Salesperson

So, how does one get through the entire car-buying process with all their hair intact? What’s the best way to shop for and buy a car? Store these 21 great tips in your brain’s filing cabinet to ensure you don’t get too frustrated when shopping for and buying your new vehicle.

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Where to Watch July 4th Fireworks in Sedalia (2019)

It’s hot, humid, and sticky here in Missouri, but don’t let that ruin the start of your summer! Head to one of these 2019 Independence Day fireworks displays near Sedalia, and kick your Fourth of July off with a bang, not a fizzle.  

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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid: A Prius In Corolla Clothing

It’s tough out there for compact sedans like the Toyota Corolla. Gas remains cheap, which has been a boon to SUV and pickup truck sales. (“Good for them!” the Corolla Hybrid says, begrudgingly.) So, as shoppers flock to bigger vehicles like the Toyota Highlander, smaller cars are left fighting for scraps.

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The 2019 Toyota Highlander: All Highs, No Lows

Ready for a glorious family road trip? The 2019 Toyota Highlander makes every journey an adventure. With its awesome style and immense capability, it’s the full-size SUV that handles people and cargo with ease. With seating for up to eight, the Highlander has room for the whole gang, and everyone stays safe with Toyota’s advanced Star Safety System and a premium suite of active safety features. 

Toyota Highlander

Toyota is one of America’s most reliable brands, and the Highlander combines that with fantastic versatility. Here’s why you should consider the new 2019 Highlander as you search for your next SUV.

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2020 Toyota GR Supra: The Wait Was Well Worth It

After two long decades, the legendary Toyota Supra is making a triumphant return. That’s right: an all-new 2020 GR Supra recently debuted at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, and it looks in-cred-i-ble. Having attracting legions of fans during the sport car’s ‘90s-era heyday, this century’s Supra promises to do the same and then some. It will be available in three trims — 3.0, 3.0 Premium, and an exclusive Launch Edition – though only 1,500 Launch Supra models will be built, which means you’d better jump on the Supra train now to get yours.

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Toyota Expands Military & College Graduate Rebate Program

Yes, there’s a new Supra on the horizon. Yes, Toyota continues its tradition of having the most varied lineup of hybrid cars and Fuel Cell EVs. Yes, KBB named Toyota the brand with the best resale values. But perhaps the biggest news coming out of Camp Toyota is the expansion of its Military Rebate and College Grad Rebate programs, which will benefit every car shopper in Sedalia and around the country.

Oh, you’re here for concrete answers? Well, let’s dive into the changes made to the Toyota special rebate programs for military members and college graduates.

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How Long Do Brake Pads & Rotors Last?

Are your vehicle’s brake pads and rotors in good condition? Checking and replacing worn brake parts is vital to ensuring a safe ride, but it can be confusing to know exactly when, why, and which brake components need to be fixed. Fortunately, there are signs to help you identify when your brake pads and rotors — the most frequently replaced parts of your braking system — must be examined and replaced.

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