The 12 Reasons to Love Toyota: A Christmas Carol

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With the gift-giving season upon us, we’ve been caught humming our favorite Christmas songs on more than one occasion. But you can’t hear our yuletide joy from across the internet, so here’s our spin on one of those holiday classics, “The 12 Reasons to Love Toyota.” (Sing along—you know the words.)

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21 Helpful Car-Buying Tips & Expert Advice

If your prehistoric junker has finally driven its last mile, or if you’ve been researching new cars to buy for months on end, a trip to your local auto dealership looms just over the horizon. (Congratulations!)

For lots of shoppers, however, even thinking about purchasing or leasing a vehicle can launch their blood pressure through the roof. The haggling, negotiating, down payments, paperwork… everything about buying a car can be stressful for the average person.

21 Car Buying Tips from Salesperson

So, how does one get through the entire car-buying process with all their hair intact? What’s the best way to shop for and buy a car? Store these 21 great tips in your brain’s filing cabinet to ensure you don’t get too frustrated when shopping for and buying your new vehicle.

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Toyota Expands Military & College Graduate Rebate Program

Yes, there’s a new Supra on the horizon. Yes, Toyota continues its tradition of having the most varied lineup of hybrid cars and Fuel Cell EVs. Yes, KBB named Toyota the brand with the best resale values. But perhaps the biggest news coming out of Camp Toyota is the expansion of its Military Rebate and College Grad Rebate programs, which will benefit every car shopper in Sedalia and around the country.

Oh, you’re here for concrete answers? Well, let’s dive into the changes made to the Toyota special rebate programs for military members and college graduates.

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Are Toyota’s College Grad Discounts the G.O.A.T? (Yes.)

Them’s fighting words, we know, but we’re confident that Toyota offers a College Graduate Program that is virtually unbeatable. Whether you’re a recent graduate of a large university or smaller school like State Fair Community College in Sedalia, MO, you can save loads on a new Toyota—guaranteed. Here’s all you need to know about Toyota’s college car discounts, rebates, and deals.

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