The 2019 Toyota Camry May Be The Best Camry Ever

For a few years now, it seems that sedans have been relegated to the parking lot, waiting for the Early Bird Special crowd. However, with the 2019 Toyota Camry, things are destined to change. In fact, since Tokuo Fukuichi stepped in as the company’s Chief Officer of the Design Management Division in 2016, the Camry has looked more poised to take the field for a photo shoot than ever before. Its lean and toned design, introduced in 2018, is, in fact, a departure from the middle-age sprawl that so many of its sedan rivals seem to have fallen prey to. 

As a car dealership in Sedalia, we’ve long been aware that the Camry is the best car in America. But what makes the 2019 Camry such a great model? The Camry still delivers on dependability and affordability, but thanks to the Toyota design team’s ingenuity, it’s now ranked the #1 mid-size car according to U.S. News, earning a 9.1 rating out of 10. So, the word on the street is the 2019 Toyota Camry isn’t just another pretty face. There’s substance behind the toned-ab body styling. 

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2018 Toyota Prius Recall FAQ

No one is excited about receiving a recall notice in the mail. After all, you rely on your vehicle to get you to work and school. But recalls are relatively common and nothing to get anxious about — in fact, you may feel safer knowing that your car manufacturer and dealership are looking out for your safety by taking steps to repair issues before they lead to problems on the road.

You may have read or seen information in the news about a recent Toyota Prius recall. And you probably have questions about how this affects you and your lovely Prius. Here are some of the common questions our Sedalia Toyota dealership has received about the Prius recall.

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The Greatest Toyota Commercials From 1980 to 2018

Throughout the years, Toyota has brought some of the most memorable car commercials of our time to advertise their lineup of trucks, sedans, and SUVs. From the appearance of fan-favorites like Tarzan and the Muppets to heartwarming spots that brought people together, the range of Toyota’s ads has been wide and far-reaching. Starting in 1982 and rounding out this year, here are some of the best Toyota commercials of the last 4 decades.

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Toyota Safety: Everything You Need To Know

It’s the season drivers and parents dread: back-to-school season. School buses congest the streets, kids run around haphazardly, and once the snow starts falling in Sedalia, those typical little time-wasting delays become recipes for a disastrous collision.

Don’t worry—Toyota’s got your back. Here’s all you need to know about both the newest Toyota safety features and the safest Toyota models of 2018 and 2019.

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Top 5 Toyota Models for Tailgating

Fall will be here before we know it, and once football season begins, people turn their thoughts to the gridiron. If you’re planning a road trip with friends to catch the Kansas City Chiefs or a college game, make sure you’ve got the right tailgating vehicle. Raise the ante on your pre-game hang-time with one of these best tailgating vehicles from Toyota.

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4 Best Features of the New 2019 Toyota Avalon

Bold. Sexy. Dominant. The road to Avalon, where myth and legend unite to forge unbridled power. This sums up the 2019 Toyota Avalon. Smooth, sleek lines and a rugged front grille manifest dynamic confidence. Meanwhile, an upgraded, muscular V6 engine propels velocity. This new Avalon release is certainly everything your doctor prescribed, and it’s available for sale and lease today at our Sedalia Toyota dealership!

Oh, we promised a list of the best new Avalon features, didn’t we? Our Toyota dealer’s word is our bond, so here you go.

1440 × 810

An Entrance To Be Envied

The 2019 Toyota Avalon made its impressive debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. With two new colors—a brilliant Harbor Gray Metallic and bright Opulent Amber—Toyota’s largest sedan is longer, wider, and sits lower than its predecessors. Its width has been increased by 0.8 inches, while its wheelbase length has gained an approximate 2 inches. Continue reading “4 Best Features of the New 2019 Toyota Avalon”

Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks in Sedalia in 2018

July 4th is just around the corner, and that means Independence Day fireworks galore! Whether you’re looking for a simple nighttime fireworks show in Sedalia, a place to spend the whole holiday with the family, or even fireworks on a different day—2018’s Independence Day is on a Wednesday, unfortunately—there’s a July 4th event near Sedalia that’s bound to suit you.

Here are four of the top holiday events and fireworks shows near Sedalia to catch this year.

733 × 413

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The 2018 Toyota Tundra & Tacoma: What’s Better For Dad?

Father’s Day is on the way, and after all the years of ties, slippers, and silly t-shirts, everyone’s decided to pitch in and buy Dad the truck of his dreams. But which one is best for him? Well, Toyota has a pair of top-quality pickups that are perfect for fathers the world over. (Now all you need to do is decide which one he’ll like most.)

1440 × 810

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Got a Busy Life? There’s a Toyota SUV Just for You

New Inventory

SUVs come in all shapes and sizes these days, and people love them for a variety of reasons, not the least of which has to do with their incredible versatility. From compact to full-size crossovers, Toyota has an incredible lineup of SUVs, and one of them is sure to be right up your alley. Here are the very best Toyota SUVs for sale right now.
Toyota CH-R

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2018 Toyota Highlander vs. the Ford Explorer: Which is the Best SUV?

When it comes to mid-size SUVs, there are a few things that are on top of people’s must-have lists of features. Typically, they’re things like cargo space, all-wheel drive, a comfortable ride, seating for the family, a good engine and transmission and a vehicle that has a little style to go along with those more practical aspects.

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